Fun With Conventions - BEWARE THE LANGUAGE!!

Oki, short story about the 'legend' of the un-promoting MegaSnake shirts - which I fear has exactly the opposite effect.
It's a story about the worst movie ever, done by poor Mr Shanks - well he only had to play a character but this is actually torture enough, the man will never hear the end of it! Anyways, when Delta 'n me were at the Chicago Convention 2007, "MegaSnake" was just airing. I only got a glimpse on it, but Delta was brave and watched the WHOLE thing. After that she came up with the "I survived "MegaSnake" signature" which became soon very famous, so we took it one step further and thought about making a shirt for Mr Shanks. NOT only because we hoped for his great sense of humor and oh so "support" this piece of artwork, but also because he is so very fond of people who print shirts in their basement for celebrities [see Mr Shanks blog on TVguide]. Well at least I can say it wasn't the basement, lucky me I share a ShirtShop with some friends. Of course knowing that CJ would come over too, Delta came up with a version of the shirt for him, AND of course there is us poor fans who are brave enough to watch the fucking worst movie ever. Still we hoped we could share some fun moments at Collectormania 12.

WHAT we certainly did NOT expect was that the guys would join the fun so very well and ample, exspecial CJ who lucky us somehow infected Mr Shanks so that in the afternoon of the Collectormania we not only had have a good laugh with two of the drop dead gorgeous men ever, but also could see our shirts hung up behind aformantioned GL-men. What more to say than 'Shank you!'

Personal Moment of the day:

Was certainly Delta saying: "We have a little present for you, about one of the shiny highlights of your career" -- And seeing Mr Shanks getting kinda pale around the nose, but staying brave and accepted whatever there might come.
One day, I'll manage to add the proper galleries, promise!
Creation Entertainment Stargate Convention Chicago 2007
Michael Shanks FedCon 2008
For my very first official ConReport on *happy dances*
Otherwise my worst Con EVER!!
With very much 'SHANKS and SpaceMonkey-hugs to Delta666 and Jax for additional pictures!!
This is so far only a collection from Chicago 2007. I hope I'll be able to add more!